Hardware Hacking Village

Welcome to the CircleCityCon Hardware Hacking village, sponsored by Cyber City Circuits and featuring volunteer workshops from @Blenster, @TechGirlMN, @noidd, and @ednas.

All our workshops are aimed at absolute beginners. So if you’ve always wanted to dip your toes into hardware, this is the perfect opportunity.

Learn to solder (or up your game) in one of our live-streamed soldering workshops led by Blenster. Need a kit to follow along? Order one from our sponsor Cyber City Circuits here:

Use promocode CIRCLECITYCON for 50% off or click the link.

These kits were designed by Mr Blinky Bling to be as beginner-friendly as possible and make a handy flashlight once completed. Batteries included!

While you’re there check out their other projects and their amazing subscription boxes!

Interested in learning about Arduino but don’t want to spend a lot of money on random hardware? Explore hardware using the online tool TinkerCAD with TechGirlMN and learn how to make an arduino powered dice simulator. You will learn how to wire up the prototype and then how to write the code.

What do you do when you can’t find an ‘arduino-compatible’ or other ‘pre-built’ board for you to hook up to your circuit? You learn to Navigate amongst the Chinese vendors and how to read a datasheet. Reading a datasheet can be intimidating but @noidd will show you how to create with components that are “off the beaten path”.

What’s a resistor? How do you use a capacitor?

Looking to learn the basics about electronics components? In this talk you will learn the basics about resistors and capacitors, the key differences between them and the equations that we use with them. Join this talk with @ednas and explore the introductory concepts for getting started with electronics.

Lockpick Village

There’s plenty of locks around the house to pick. So grab a toolset and join TOOOL as they teach you how to deal with the challenge of opening locks and bypass security measures.

Security Leader Village

Are you a Hacker who has found themself an InfoSec Manager, Director, or CISO? One day you were at your keyboard looking at terminal prompts, memory dumps, and packet captures and now you look at budgets, policies, and standards?

We’re here to help! We will have a series of discussions, materials, and workshops focused on various issues you face daily and teach you skills you never knew you needed to know.