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  • Car Hacking Hands-On 🗓

    Trainer Leale Robert

    Learn how to connect to vehicle systems, send and receive messages, control and audit vehicle functions using vehicle communication protocols such as UDS, GMLAN, and Keyword 2000.


  • Intro to Ham Radio

    Trainer Herman Justin @JDogHerman

    Interested in getting your FCC license but don’t know where to start? This class will cover everything you will need to know to be able to pass the technician class license and get on the air. Students are encouraged to bring an open mind. No previous experience necessary. No complected math will be required to pass. If students have access to a handheld transceiver please bring them to the class as we will be using them in demos.


  • OSINT For Pen Testers: Maximizing Your Efficiency

    Trainer Gray Joe @C_3PJoe

    Have you ever spent too much time in the reconnaissance phase of a pen test because you needed better intelligence? Do you make the most efficient use of OSINT? This course aims to help you find more efficient ways to collect the information about your targets so that you can get to the fun stuff: exploitation and maximum pwnage. Here, you’ll see the correlation between OSINT and Social engineering and how to better apply it to your engagements. You’ll see techniques for phishing, vishing, pretexting, impersonation, and more. Tool demonstrations will include how to make the best use of OSINT Websites and standalone tools such as Datasploit, recon-ng, Social Engineer Toolkit (SET), and Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF).


  • Pentesting and Exploiting Corporate Infrastructure

    Trainer Salunke Vikram

    This training is Hands-on training on pentesting and exploiting corporate infrastructure. Training starts with the basics of networking and then move into scanning, enumeration, exploitation and post exploitation. Training includes recent vulnerabilities such as Shellshock, Heartbleed, POODLE etc. There will be lot of popping of shells during attack. Lab contains multiple vulnerable applications on various platforms such as Windows and Linux. Training course includes multiple vulnerabilities ranging from services such as FTP, SSH etc. to web application vulnerabilities such as LFI, RFI, Remote Code Execution which will allow attacker to compromise the machine and ultimately move onto next network. Private networks are hiding behind firewalls, so you will learn how to exploit and attack machines in the private network using public facing servers. There is section of Python Scripting so attendees will learn basic to code basic python scripts to perform attacks and we will use metasploit for some complex attacking scenario. There is session on shellcoding which includes writing your own shellcode and customise available shellcodes for fun and profit. Training follows CTF approach to compromise the machines. This training contains over 50 labs and 30+ challenges which are inspired by real world vulnerabilities and case studies.


  • The 31337 Power of Pi

    Trainer Weaver Jeff

    Trainer Peddakotla Sunil

    The course will provide hands on labs for
    putting together attack kits Using the Raspberry Pi, configuration and tweaks, wireless penetration testing, common attack tools, and other wicked hacks. We will cover hunting of IoT devices, Bluetooth interrogation, and other hacking goodness as time permits.


  • The Basics Power of Pi

    Trainer Weaver Jeff

    Trainer Peddakotla Sunil

    Want to learn about a low cost low energy consumption platform for pen testing, recon, and threat analytics? The Raspberry Pi is a compact mini ARM processing environment which

    supports a number of Linux distributions; allows connectivity to numerous peripheral devices; and is small enough that it can be
    placed anywhere. This workshop will tell you more about the Raspberry Pi, how to use it, and why it can be so attractive to keen
    security minds. Additionally the talk will also focus on troubleshooting common issues that arise during the operating system install, hardware device connectivity, and general use.


  • Windows Kernel Exploitation Training

    TrainerAnsari Ashfaq @HackSysTeam

    This training is focused on exploitation of different Windows Kernel Mode vulnerabilities. We will cover basics of Windows Kernel Internals and hands-on fuzzing of Windows Kernel Mode drivers.

    We will dive deep into exploit development of various kernel mode vulnerabilities. We will also look into different vulnerabilities in terms of code and the mitigation applied to fix the respective vulnerabilities.

    This training assumes that the attendees have little or no prior experience with Windows Kernel Internals and Kernel land as well as User land exploitation techniques.