Blackhole DNS with a Raspberry Pi

DNS is a core protocol for everything we do on the Internet and we can use that to our advantage to protect our home & business networks. By sending malicious or ad-laden domains to a blackhole we are able to protect entire networks in a way no single endpoint software can. Want to protect your desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and even smart devices on your network? Even better, do it with an inexpensive Raspberry Pi? This training will show you how and walk you through the process of configuring an easy-to-maintain DNS server capable of servicing every device on your home network.

No previous experience is necessary, however familiarity with Linux and the command line will be very helpful. Students will be required to bring a laptop with a RJ-45 network connector AND a WiFi adapter. You will need administrative rights on the operating system to configure network sharing/routing. Additionally, you must provide your own Raspberry Pi model 3B or 3B+ (and microSD card & power supply).