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  • Gosney Jeremi @jmgosney

    TrainingPassword Cracking Like a Pro 

    (Founder / CEO at Sagitta) Jeremi M. Gosney (aka epixoip, @jmgosney) is a world-renowned password cracker and security expert, best known for building massive GPU clusters, as well as his work with the LinkedIn and Adobe breaches. He is the Founder & CEO of the password-cracking firm Sagitta HPC, and a core member of the Hashcat development team. In 2013, Jeremi was named one of the Top 100 Security Experts by Marble Security. His research and expertise have been featured by BBC, Wired, NBC News, Ars Technica, and Consumer Reports, among others. Jeremi also helps run Security BSides Las Vegas and Hushcon.


  • Gray Joe @C_3PJoe

    TalkOSINT For The Win – Tools & Techniques to Maximize Effectiveness of Your Social Engineering Attacks

    Training:   OSINT For Pen Testers: Maximizing Your Efficiency

    Joe Gray joined the U.S. Navy directly out of High School and served for 7 years as a Submarine Navigation Electronics Technician. Joe is an Enterprise Security Consultant at Sword and Shield Enterprise Security in Knoxville, TN. Joe also maintains his own blog and podcast called Advanced Persistent Security. He is also in the SANS Instructor Development pipeline, teaching SANS Security 504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling. In his spare time, Joe enjoys reading news relevant to information security, attending information security conferences, contributing blogs to various outlets, bass fishing, and flying his drone.


  • Herman Justin @JDogHerman

    Training Intro to Ham Radio 

    Being an extra class amateur radio operator, and an ARRL recognized trainer, Justin has taught dozens of students ham radio concepts and helped prepared them to be able to pass their exams. He is an organizer of BSidesCleveland, Northeastern Ohio Information Security Fourm, and active with Cleveland Locksport.


  • Leale Robert

    Training Car Hacking Hands-On

    Robert Leale has been a regular trainer of automotive electronic security for over five years. He also consult with the automotive industry on securing electronic systems. As the founder of CanBusHack, he has been at the forefront of vehicle data reverse engineering for over seven years.


  • Man Jeff @MrJeffMan

    TalkTales from the Crypt (analyst) TrainingThe Art of the Jedi Mind Trick: Learning Effective Communication Skills

    Jeff is a respected Information Security expert, advisor, speaker, teacher, advocate, and curmudgeon. He has over 33 years of experience working in all aspects of computer, network, and information security, including risk management, vulnerability analysis, compliance assessment, forensic analysis and penetration testing. He has held security research, management and product development roles with NSA, the DoD and private-sector enterprises and was part of the first penetration testing “red team” at NSA. For the past twenty years, he has been a pen tester, security architect, consultant, QSA, and PCI SME, providing consulting and advisory services to many of the nation’s best known companies.


  • Maresca Joey @l0stkn0wledge

    Training:A Pen Tester’s Guide to Linux

    Biographies have never been his strong suit. With 11+ years in information security, Joey / l0stkn0wledge, is far more comfortable discussing technical issues than discussing himself. He’s spent the last five years as a penetration tester. He hopes to teach people something new or at least make them take a different look at something whenever he teaches a course or presents at a conference.


  • Meyer Arden @that_guy_ego

    TrainingDNS Blackholing with Pi-Hole (aka How To Block Unwanted Ads & Malware on your network for cheap)

    Arden began his journey into IT in 1982 when he first learned to program computers, then quickly moved on to hacking BBS, PBX, and ICS systems. He joined the USAF in 1996 and for 15 years traveled the world doing various mysterious things with electrons. Arden was hand selected in the initial cadre of the Network Warfare Operations career field and tasked to develop the first Cyber Functional Training Unit where over the next three years he taught thousands of students everything from vulnerabilities in LMR/ICS/SS7 to basic computer programming to advanced exploitation & covert exfiltration. He finished his military career helping monitor & defend USAF networks at the AFCERT. After retiring from military service Arden ran the security operations team for a national financial services company until deciding to return to university to get his PhD.


  • Peddakotla Sunil

    TrainingThe Basics Power of Pi

    TrainingThe 31337 Power of Pi

    Sunil Peddakotla is a Senior Manager Security Engineering at large carrier. There he manages the perimeter security of the ISP and enterprise networks. He has a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from DePaul University and has been part of the security industry for 13+ years. He has playing around with the Raspberry Pi for the last few years and is familiar with the joy and pain of tinkering with the Pi.


  • Shafer-Pond Stefanie @techneviah

    TrainingLevel Up Your Leadership

    Stefanie Shaffer-Pond holds a Masters in Social Work from Wayne State University, with a Concentration in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). After nearly two decades in the nonprofit sector, where she focused on Healthcare Consulting and relationship counseling; she moved to Quicken Loans, where she supports the QL Technology team as their dedicated Leadership Development Specialist. Stefani loves to use her CBT training to help folks with high-level technical skills (such as doctors, IT professionals and other industry leaders) translate their specialized knowledge into concepts that are easily accessible to clients and team members.


  • Thompson Marcus @imarcusthompson

    TrainingIntro to Windows Forensics Using Free Tools

    Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue University) Professor Marcus Thompson is a Visiting Assistant Professor teaching Cyber Forensics in the Department of Computer and Information Technology at Purdue University. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Purdue University in Computer and Information Technology. His current courses include: Basic Computer Forensics, File System Forensics, Mobile and Embedded Device Forensics, Malware Forensics, and Cyber Forensics for the Apple Ecosystem. Marcus is a university faculty fellow, a partner to the Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge, advisor to the Purdue Cyber Forensics Club, advisor to the Purdue National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Team, and a Special Investigator for the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office. Forensic preservation and acquisition are among his scholarly interests. Outside of academia Marcus is the volunteer director of the Cover Indiana Bicycle Tour, a 440-mile cycling fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. He has cycled across the United States three times including the race depicted in the recent film, Inspired to Ride.

  • Weaver Jeff

    TrainingThe Basics Power of Pi

    TrainingThe 31337 Power of Pi

    Jeff Weaver has been in the global telecommunication and security field for 20 years. He has an advanced degree in Electronics Engineering and has been a technical editor and subject matter expert for multiple industry certifications.