All Trainer Bios

  • Ansari Ashfaq @HackSysTeam

    TrainingWindows Kernel Exploitation Training

    Ashfaq Ansari is the founder of HackSys Team code named “Panthera”. He has experience in various aspects of Information Security. He has authored “HackSys Extreme Vulnerable Driver” and “Shellcode of Death”. He has also written and published various white papers on low level software exploitation. His core interest lies in Low Level Software Exploitation both in User and Kernel Mode, Vulnerability Research, Reverse Engineering, Program Analysis and Hybrid Fuzzing. He is a fanboy of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is the chapter lead for null (Pune).


  • Gray Joe @C_3PJoe

    TalkOSINT For The Win – Tools & Techniques to Maximize Effectiveness of Your Social Engineering Attacks

    Training:   OSINT For Pen Testers: Maximizing Your Efficiency

    Joe Gray joined the U.S. Navy directly out of High School and served for 7 years as a Submarine Navigation Electronics Technician. Joe is an Enterprise Security Consultant at Sword and Shield Enterprise Security in Knoxville, TN. Joe also maintains his own blog and podcast called Advanced Persistent Security. He is also in the SANS Instructor Development pipeline, teaching SANS Security 504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling. In his spare time, Joe enjoys reading news relevant to information security, attending information security conferences, contributing blogs to various outlets, bass fishing, and flying his drone.


  • Herman Justin @JDogHerman

    Training Intro to Ham Radio 

    Being an extra class amateur radio operator, and an ARRL recognized trainer, Justin has taught dozens of students ham radio concepts and helped prepared them to be able to pass their exams. He is an organizer of BSidesCleveland, Northeastern Ohio Information Security Fourm, and active with Cleveland Locksport.


  • Leale Robert

    Training Car Hacking Hands-On

    Robert Leale has been a regular trainer of automotive electronic security for over five years. He also consult with the automotive industry on securing electronic systems. As the founder of CanBusHack, he has been at the forefront of vehicle data reverse engineering for over seven years.


  • Peddakotla Sunil

    TrainingThe Basics Power of Pi

    TrainingThe 31337 Power of Pi

    Sunil Peddakotla is a Senior Manager Security Engineering at large carrier. There he manages the perimeter security of the ISP and enterprise networks. He has a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from DePaul University and has been part of the security industry for 13+ years. He has playing around with the Raspberry Pi for the last few years and is familiar with the joy and pain of tinkering with the Pi.


  • Salunke Vikram

    Training Pentesting and Exploiting Corporate Infrastructure

    Vikram is the Information Security Researcher, Consultant and Founder at Vmaskers. Vmaskers provide network, wireless, web, Android and iOS applications penetration testing services and training for corporates. His main responsibilities are to look after application security, lead security automation and provide training. He has also developed several internal security tools for the organization to handle the security issues. Vmaskers provide training for organisation’s internal team that includes developers and penetration testers to improve quality of the applications. He has also discovered serious web application security flaws in many unique product giants all over the world. He enjoys finding and exploiting software vulnerabilities via reverse engineering, source code auditing, fuzzing. He researches primarily focused Web App, Android, iOS App Pentesting. He is responsible for Pentesting, Code Review and Security Certification of Hybrid Mobile Applications. Responsible for breaking and fixing business critical Web Applications, Web Services, and client facing applications built with HTML5 and JS. He has previously trained in CHCon and will be training in OWASP AppSec Africa, CrikeyCon,CanSecWest and NolaCon.


  • Weaver Jeff

    TrainingThe Basics Power of Pi

    TrainingThe 31337 Power of Pi

    Jeff Weaver has been in the global telecommunication and security field for 20 years. He has an advanced degree in Electronics Engineering and has been a technical editor and subject matter expert for multiple industry certifications.