iOS apps hacking just got a lot easier

When life gives your doors, search for windows:

Imagine you’re testing an iOS application that requires paid registration. Maybe it has in app-purchase functionalities or some hidden privileged content. Perhaps even jailbreak detection or other mechanisms preventing your specific device from using the app. What would you do to bypass all of this? Often, bypassing such restrictions requires a deep analysis of the application’s methods and data structures. As time goes by, we need to find ways to do more, with less (time, effort, resources)…

What if you could have an organized list of the application’s screens and functionalities and could simply load the desired components in a click? In this talk I shall present the concept of gaining full control of the application’s client-side functionalities though manipulation of iOS view controllers. By the end of this talk, you should be able to bypass restrictions in iOS applications by yourself - in less than a minute. The talk includes live demos, real-life cases, and a presentation of a free open-source automation tool I wrote that does all of the hard work for you.