InfoSuck: The Nasty Bits Of The Industry We Want To Tell Noobs But Aren't Allowed To In Polite Company.

There are hundreds of blogs, papers, tweets, etc that give the lowdown on “How to break into Infosec.” There aren’t any that help to guide these poor sheep past the offer letter. We’re not allowed to talk about getting laid off or fired. We’re told to not discuss our salaries with each other because its “impolite”. We’re discouraged from discussing these things for fear of being blacklisted or being thought of as “unprofessional”, damaged goods.

Well, fuck all that.

Why do you want to hear about this stuff from me? I’ve been through all of it. I’ve been RIF’d (Reduced in Force) 3 times, fired once, managed out, re-org’d, etc and still figured out how to feed my family. You want to hear me talk about it because someone needs to let these poor noobs know how to navigate an industry that preaches loyalty & attachment with one hand, then slaps you with the other when the balance sheets don’t shake out. These are war stories about all the stuff we’re not allowed to talk about in polite company.