How to reach and teach youth about Cybersecurity (if anybody will let you)

Talking to kids about online safety and careers in InfoSec seems like a no-brainer and only a matter of carving out time to get your materials together and showing up, amirite? Having tried (and tried, and tried), and failed and somewhat succeeded in getting in front of high school students, I’d like to share some of the challenges, gatekeepers and pitfalls in engaging educators and parents in what would seem like a slam dunk.

Engaging young people in this field is crucial to it’s future as well as their future career viability and hopefully unpacking some of the challenges I’ve encountered can help others who wish to expand their sphere and make an impact to get over these hurdles. In essence, we have to hack our way in, and although I can’t possibly provide a step-by-step for doing so in every area, I have a few battle-tested methods that might save some aggravation.