Deepfakes: If anything can be real then nothing is real

“I didn’t say that!” …The world will be forever changed by Deepfakes. A portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake”, this trend refers to a new AI-assisted human image synthesis technique that generates realistic video face-swaps which can even be done in real-time. With modern face-swapping video technology, selfies can be used to create videos. A voice can be faked. A face can be faked. This is the new reality. What happens when we cannot trust what we hear and what we see? How do we detect and defeat this threat to global society? This talk explores the possible ramifications of deepfakes, from privacy violations to personal and professional embarrassment to causing global thermo-nuclear war, and considers what can be done to protect ourselves and emphasize the need for remaining critical of what we see as this technology gets better and better.