an Implantable Computer

fast prototyping an implantable computer from off the shelf parts, there are two phases to this project phase 1 is making a fast prototype from off the shelf parts, and implanting it into a host, this is meant to be a proof of concept for the implantable computer which is able to sniff wifi, bluetooth, and nfc from within the human body… allow the hacker to remote into the computer/host and gather information from a possible distributed array of people involved in the test. phase 2 is to take what is learned and create a custom pcb with all that has been learned from the original design and to create a smaller more compact form factor for the design… currently me and my team are in 5th official revision of phase 1 of this project… unofficially more like the 20th revision. The purpose of the talk is to do more then get up and say i built this thing and it does this, but instead to have a conversation about the process of fast proto-typing and to encourage others that may or may not have an idea to try building something themselves, and create their own DIY evolution!