Owl’s TreeHouse

During a physical conference, we have a section geared towards kids with activities and projects to teach them about hacking topics such as lockpicking, encoding/decoding, encryption, problem solving, circuitry, and many more. We have created a separate Discord Server for kids called Owl’s TreeHouse.

In order to have your kid participate in the Discord, please purchase a ticket and addon a kid’s ticket for free at registration.circlecitycon.com


Pringles Enigma (you can read about this and get a list of needed supplies here)

This project creates a real working version of the Enigma encryption machines used in WWII. It is a fantastic crafting project as well as a tool to teach kids how message encryption works. There will be many encoding and decoding activities to do once the construction of the Pringles Enigma is completed.

and you get to have chips while you make it!


We have a colouring page of our logo this year available for your child to colour as they wish! We are also interested in any other cool or cute art your child creates during the conference. With permission, we will be showing off the colouring pages and art during the CircleCityCon LIVE Twitch stream.

Paper Flashlight

This project will require cardstock paper, a 10mm LED, a double sided foam tape, adhesive backed craft foam, and a CR 2032 coincell battery. This project site has a shopping list with links to the supplies.