Kathleen Smith

Kathleen Smith, CMO aka Outreach Lead for CyberSecJobs.Com and ClearedJobs.Net, she has coached thousands of job seekers and employers on how to better connect and work together to achieve the mutual goal of employment. Kathleen presents at several security conferences each year on recruiting and job search. Some of the conferences she has presented at as a sole presenter or a moderator include BSidesLV, BSidesTampa, BSidesSATX, WIE IEEE, BSidesDE, FedCyber, Cyber912 and CyberSecureGov. Kathleen firmly believes that giving back is the best way to move forward and volunteers in many capacities; she is the Director, HireGround, BSidesLV’s two day career track; Women in Cybersecurity, National Conference Planning Committee, Cyber912 and Women in Cybersecurity Celebration Planning Committee. Kathleen is well respected within the recruiting community and is the co-founder and current President of recruitDC, the largest community of recruiters in the Washington DC area.