Doug "c00p3r" Copeland

Bio: c00p3r has a background in varied tech support and security roles which have provided him experience in Linux, Mac and Windows environments. His own entry to the ‘cyborg’ Biohacker culture has been by augmenting his body with both NFC and RFID chips through ‘Dangerous Things’ products which were available at the BdyHaxCon in Austin, TX. His curiosity about the technology has led him to found the Dangerous Minds Podcast which has become a vehicle to dig deeper into the subjects of biohacking, grinding, implantable technology, locksport, and network security by interviewing leaders in these fields and learning from their experience, for more information about this go to . Since DMP’s founding c00p3r has gone on to partner with dangerous things and vivokey to help promote the technology and assist people in acquiring new upgrades for their own grind.