Aaron Sawyer

Aaron Sawyer is an intern at InfoSec Innovations and post-baccalaureate student at the University of Maine. Between stints as a laboratory technician in an Astroparticle Physics Laboratory, Aaron worked as a Merchant Marine Engineer where he became a certified vessel security officer and discovered his love of breaking things in interesting ways.

Alex Chalmers

Alex B Chalmers is a technical service manager for federated identity solutions at Eli Lilly and Company. He has served in a variety of senior technical roles across identity, security, and enterprise technology architecture over more than 15 years. Currently, his focus is the continuous improvement of cloud identity solutions and the broad adoption of strong authentication technologies. In addition to his technical roles, Alex has served as a university instructor in information security and provided technical training in a variety of cloud technology solutions.

April Wright

April C. Wright is a hacker, O’Reilly author, teacher, and community leader who has been breaking, making, fixing, and defending the security of global critical communications and connections for over 25 years. She is an international speaker and trainer, educating and advising on matters of privacy and information security with the goal of safeguarding the digital components we rely on every day. April has held roles on defensive, operational, adversarial, and development teams throughout her career, and has spoken and contributed to numerous worldwide security conferences including BlackHat, DEF CON USA and DEF CON China, DerbyCon, Hack in Paris, DefCamp Romania, ITWeb South Africa, as well as for the US Government and industry organizations such as OWASP and ISSA. She has started multiple small businesses including a non-profit, handles communications for DEF CON Groups community outreach, and in 2017 she co-founded a popular local Boston community event (DC617). April has collected dozens of certifications to add capital letters at the end of her name, and almost died in Dracula’s secret staircase. She once read on The Onion that researchers at the University of North Carolina released a comprehensive report in 2014 confirming her status as the “most significant and interesting person currently inhabiting the earth”, and it was on ‘teh internet’ so it must be true.

Ashley Benitez Smith

Ashley Benitez Smith is in her seventh year of teaching middle school in Maryland. She has been teaching Career and Technology Education classes for five years and likes her job most days. Ashley wishes to bring security into STEM curricula to inspire the next generation of security professionals. She also wants to educate students about security to prepare them for an ever changing digital landscape. Ashley has attended a few security conferences and has helped with events at Defcon.

Chad Calease

Chad’s experience and fluency in technology spans over 15 years, crosses sectors and contexts, including regulated industries like healthcare, transportation, and financial services, to marketing and advertising, education, and non-profit. His Twitter bio sums him up well: Dad, ludic, neurodivergent, grateful for many gifts. Mom said, “There’s always one weirdo on every bus.” But I can never find them.

Cindy Jones

Cindy Cindy Jones brings over 17 years of specialized IT and security experience to her role of Senior Security Consultant with Rapid7. Cindy maintains a CISSP and MCP certifications. She has worked in several arenas including Federal government, with the Department of Defense, education, technology and healthcare, with a focus on the development, maintenance and management of information security programs. Cindy is actively involved within the information security community and volunteers her time leading the registration team for BSides Las Vegas, volunteers for DerbyCon, is a Def Con Goon and holds a position on the board for BSides Texas and is an active volunteer for these local events. Cindy’s favorite color is purple.

Dan Beavin

Dan is currently a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis. Dan has 7 years of experience focusing on security research, offensive security activities, incident response, and malware research. During his career Dan has been the project lead and manager of several different security implementations ranging from policies and procedures to the technical implementations of many different products. His current project is helping to build a mature red team for Indiana University Health. Follow him on twitter at @danbeavin.

Danny Akacki

rand0h is just a guy that loves to tell stories & lives for the community that surrounds him. He believes none of this is worth anything if we don’t put a premium on tribal knowledge share. That’s really all that matters.

Dhiraj Mishra

Dhiraj Mishra is an active speaker and a bug hunter, discovered multiple zero days in modern web browsers, Metasploit Contributor. His work has been published on TheHackerNews, TheRegister, ZDNet & BleepingComputer.

Gabrielle Hempel

Gabrielle E. Hempel, B.A., B.S. Gabrielle is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where she studied Neuroscience and Psychology. She worked for Advarra Institutional Review Board in regulatory pharmaceutical and medical device compliance, and led specialized committees targeting Phase I research and emergency research. She moved to IT consulting in 2018, and currently works as an Information Security Analyst with Accenture while pursuing a certificate in Advanced Computer Security at Stanford. She serves as a mentor for a student cohort of cybersecurity analysts, and volunteers with various community organizations that encourage youth and minorities to pursue careers in STEM and information security.