Join the apocalypse

Your destruction is imminent

CircleCityCon 7.0

Continuing our year after year record breaking attendance, CircleCityCon 7.0 promises
to test our limits and deliver to you a conference unique from all the others.

What will CircleCityCon 7.0 be like? What will we do? What wonders and amazing features
do we have to release? ....... Not even we know.

Free Training

Free training offered with the ability to reserve a seat for a modest fee.


Arcades to play in the chill-out room to help decomress and enjoy.

Fun Themes

Every CircleCityCon has a unique theme that flavor the contests, competitions, and the overall conference.

Game Shows

Evening hacker gameshows to either watch or even participate in.


A variety of villages such as the Hardware Hacking village, Bio Hacking village, and Blue Team village.

Job Fair

A job fair, resume clinic, and other career related activities to help you boot-strap your info-sec career.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission Title
  2. Speaker Name(s)
  3. Speaker Email (this is how we will contact you)
    Hidden from reviewers
  4. Speaker Biography (150 words or less per speaker)
    Hidden from reviewers
  5. Abstract for your talk (200 words or less)
    Please refrain from including identifying information
  6. Detailed talk outline
    Please refrain from including identifying information.
  7. Whether this would be your first speaking engagement at a conference
  8. Whether this talk has been previously given at another conference
  9. Shirt Size.
  10. Equipment Needs (beyond internet access and AV equipment)

If the submission is missing any of the above items, it will not be accepted. CircleCityCon reserves the right to throw out papers in which the author’s personal information is contained in the abstract or detailed outline.

We will do our best to accommodate equipment needs, but presenters are responsible for any equipment beyond internet access and A/V equipment provided.

Review Process

Each CircleCityCon submitted talk will be double-blind reviewed (the reviewers do not see the author names and the authors do not see their reviewer names) by a committee of dedicated reviewers.

A final group of core conference staff will make a final judgement on each talk based on the comments provided by the double-blind review panel. Reviewers score talks based on a number of criteria included, but not limited to:

  • Detail of submission
  • Novelty of the talk
  • Whether the talk has been given previously
  • Whether the talk has been recorded previously

We offer two submission rounds for talks. CircleCityCon believes in feedback and education as part of the CFP process. With that in mind, we will send out clear acceptance and rejection letters at the end of each round, which will include feedback from reviewers.

If your talk is not accepted in the first round, we strongly encourage you to rework your talk and resubmit in the second round.

Accepted speakers will receive free admission to CircleCityCon, as well as a +1 ticket for a friend.

Important Dates

  • November 15th: Call for Papers Opens
  • January 15th: First Round Ends
  • February 15-20: First Round Decisions
  • March 15th: Final Round Ends
  • April 15-20: Final Round Decisions

Resources for Writing CFP Submissions


Dear Circle City Con Supporters and Friends:

After close consultation with ticket holders, sponsors, and staff, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the physical aspects of Circle City Con 7.0. However, instead of cancelling the conference entirely, we’ve decided to go virtual.

This decision follows the increased awareness of COVID-19 and the risk it poses to our participants, but more importantly to their family and friends. We don’t want anyone placed in harm's way. There is no way of knowing if the travel and gathering restrictions currently active in the United States and Indiana will remain in effect, or conclude by the time June rolls around.

The best way to avoid spreading the COVID-19 infection is to follow CDC guidelines, which would mean avoiding large gatherings, including shows like ours.

Virtualized Chaos: The Apocalypse Moves to the Cloud

So what exactly is this virtual apocalypse going to look like? First, all of our talk tracks will be streamed, and we’re reaching out to speakers now to get things rolling. We’ll be using a number of platforms to make this thing happen, so stay tuned for additional details.

Speakers and Trainers: Keep an eye out for our email, we’ll be in touch soon. We’ll need your help most of all, because we can’t have a conference if we don’t have our speakers. To those of you who were part of the CFP and already accepted your place, your spots are still secure and we’ll be in contact.

Tickets: Eventbrite is still going to be our ticket platform. The ticket tier pricing for Circle City Con 7.0: Virtual Apocalypse is as follows:

  • $75 - A ticket to Circle City Con 7.0 Virtual Apocalypse
  • $100 - A ticket to Circle City Con 7.0 Virtual Apocalypse
    • $25 off next year’s conference ticket of $100 or more
  • $125 - A ticket to Circle City Con 7.0 Virtual Apocalypse
    • $25 off next year’s conference ticket of $100 or more
    • a 2020 Patch or Challenge Coin Sticker
  • $150 - A ticket to Circle City Con 7.0 Virtual Apocalypse
    • $25 off next year’s conference ticket of $100 or more
    • a 2020 Patch AND Challenge Coin
    • Sheet / pack of stickers
  • Note to current ticket holders: It is because of you that we’re able to go virtual at all. We almost had to cancel completely, but fortunately, early ticket sales helped us avoid that.

    If you have already purchased a ticket, you will still receive the above benefits associated with the price of the ticket you bought at. If your ticket was below $100, but more than $75, you will receive a 2020 patch or Challenge Coin. We will send an email to attendees to inform them to update their ticket with appropriate options associated with their ticket.

    Virtual Swag: Because we will not be physical, we are offering packs of merch or swag to be able to ship to attendees. These must be ordered ahead of time to allow for enough supply to be made to pack up and ship. Swag will include, 2020 Patch, Challenge Coin, Sheet/Pack of Stickers.

    Training: All training will be included with your conference ticket. There will be no pre-registration cost for training this year.

    Villages: We will work with our villages to see what can be provided activity wise in a virtual setting. Likely these will be demonstrations that you can follow along with at home or more interactive activities and contests the village organizers have put together. More will be announced as we confirm village participation.

    CTF: Lintile is all ready for an apocalyptic Capture the Flag competition. There will be prizes for top teams/participants. More information to come.

    LobbyCon: Through various technologies, we will have a lobbycon experience for all participants to hang out with each other and also hang with some of the staff from CircleCityCon. We hope you will feel the same feelings you get when you go to a conference and later tell your friends "You just had to be there."

    Much much more: The virtual conference provides a great opportunity for us to bring new experiences to the conference for your enjoyment. We will make announcements as things develop and welcome any ideas you as an attendee have as well!


    We get it. A virtual conference isn’t exactly what you were expecting this year. Neither were we. But we’re excited to take this approach, excited to hear our speakers present, and excited to learn from our trainers.

    The important thing is that we take care of ourselves and each other, and packing hundreds of people into a conference space wasn’t achieving either of those goals. The risk of harming those we care about (all of you, if that wasn’t clear enough) was just too much.


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CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

Security Innovation

Stuck at home, but still want to test your skills in identifying web app vulnerabilities? CircleCityCon and Security Innovation invite players to virtually compete in CMD+CTRL, a web application cyber range where players exploit their way through hundreds of vulnerabilities that lurk in business applications today. Success means learning quickly that attack and defense is all about thinking on your feet. For each vulnerability you uncover, you are awarded points. Climb the interactive leaderboard for a chance to win fantastic prizes! CMD+CTRL is ideal for development teams to train and develop skills, but anyone involved in keeping your organization’s data secure can play - from developers and managers and even CISOs.

All you need is your laptop and inner evil-doer! Register early to reserve your spot and get a sneak peek at our cheat sheets and FAQs!

Click Here to Register