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CircleCityCon 7.0

Continuing our year after year record breaking attendance, CircleCityCon 7.0 promises
to test our limits and deliver to you a conference unique from all the others.

What will CircleCityCon 7.0 be like? What will we do? What wonders and amazing features
do we have to release? ....... Not even we know.

Free Training

Free training offered with the ability to reserve a seat for a modest fee.


Arcades to play in the chill-out room to help decomress and enjoy.

Fun Themes

Every CircleCityCon has a unique theme that flavor the contests, competitions, and the overall conference.

Game Shows

Evening hacker gameshows to either watch or even participate in.


A variety of villages such as the Hardware Hacking village, Bio Hacking village, and Blue Team village.

Job Fair

A job fair, resume clinic, and other career related activities to help you boot-strap your info-sec career.


Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and only
blocks from the circle that both the city and the
conference get their name from.

The Westin Indianapolis



241 W. Washington St,
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Get your tickets now, before they sell out!